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3 Strategies for a Quick Home Sale

Posted by will8180 on October 8, 2015
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Under- Pricing is a great way to ensure you get offers fast. Under-Pricing simply means that you go to market with a list price that is a little below what the comparable sales in your area support. The upside to under-pricing is that often times, if the home is getting a lot of interest you will end up with a bidding war, and will more than likely sell the home for more than you listed it for.  However, this plan can also backfire. If you are not familiar with your market, and this strategy fails, be ready to accept the original list price.

Staging and Market Presentation

Homes that show well, sell quicker. If you are looking for a quick sale you may need to invest some time and money in getting the house ready. This can mean removing large pieces of furniture and personal items, or doing some minor renovations. Enlisting the help of a home stager is a great way to ensure that your home is showing ready and will lead to a quicker sale.

Disclose and Inspect Upfront

Presenting disclosures upfront and providing buyers with inspection reports, will help the buyer become more comfortable with the home quicker. Pricing the home to account for any work that would need to be done,  will ensure that buyers will feel more confident in their purchase and may make an offer much quicker.